About the Indoor play center

We are a new generation Indoor play center where you won`t find the usual plastic toys and annoying mismatched colour patterns. Our Indoor play center is created by a team of professional designers who are also responsible for the whole interior concept of Le Petit Nicola and the Helen Doron Learning center. Wood is the preferable material used in the Center as well as the carefully selected range of soft pastel colours. Our mission is to cultivate in our children a certain aesthetic taste from an early age.

About the toys

Our toys are mainly made of wood and designed in natural colours. We are against all toxic cheap plastic toys and the ones promoting aggressive behavior in children. We are strict about cleaning our toys with biodegradable detergents as we are well aware of how much children love hugging and putting in the mouth everything that catches their attention.

About the food

Unfortunately, Bulgarian children are leading in the obesity statistics worldwide according to EUROSTAT. The traditional birthday party in the so-called traditional Indoor play center invariably includes fries and pizza combined with a cake and juice suspiciously mixed with all sorts of preservatives which could successfully be awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry.  That is why we undertook this not-easy and quite ambitious initiative to break the “rules” and the stereotypes in Plovdiv and offer a brand new and refreshing children`s gourmet menu with fresh fruits and veggies instead of fried and fatty food and thus provide carbs-free alternatives to the traditional rich in sugar sweets and soda drinks. And in the meantime have a full-blown celebration with all the fun that our children deserve.


We are situated in a closed business and residential complex with a free-of- charge parking lot, a comfortable lobby bar and café where parents can relax while their children are having fun in the Indoor play center or are enjoying themselves during a lesson in the Helen Doron Early English Learning center.

  • Our premises are daily cleaned with biodegradable detergents and we also use the Rainbow system to ventilate the air in our Indoor play center and the Learning center to ensure the maximum comfort for our children.
  • There is a designated place in the complex for a baby changing table as well as free diapers, wet napkins and clean bibs for a maximum comfort of the parents.
  • The toilets are equipped with children seats carefully cleaned with biodegradable detergents and children ladder to ensure the independence of the children.
  • There are baby chairs for different ages at your disposal which will eventually leave you with the feeling that you are at home.

Devil is in the detail. Enjoy. 🙂


Once upon a time there was a fairy tale land, they called it „Le petit Nicolas“. An old pirate they say has lived there since ancient times. His ship was wrecked in pursuit of incalcuble treasures. But they were put under spell and his crew got lost in the labyrinth that led to the treasures.

The land was also famous for its hidden places full of wonders, laughter and music. For a long time nobody really knew what was happening in „Le petit Nicolas“ but at last the time came when the secret was revealed. The forest fairies organized wonderful celebrations because there reigned Happiness and Smile. Once people found out about it they all made a wish to live and celebrate there from dust till dawn. Under one condition though – to make your wish come true you must celebrate there a birthday or a christening or a family feast. Thus, people started celebrating there with family and friends. There was always a great fun and guests came from other magic kingdoms. It went on and on until this very day in „Le petit Nicolas“ where Happiness and Smile continue to reign with unceasing fun and play celebrating Life.

Birthday party

Other celebrations and events

Le petit Nicolas complex is absolutely suitable for your Ritual traditional Bulgarian bread (pogacha) for a baby, baptism or other special occasion.

According to an old Bulgarian tradition, the celebration with traditional Bulgarian bread for a newborn is organized when the fortieth day after baby’s birthday has come. In ancient times, this ritual with the tradition Bulgarian pogacha bread for a baby usually happened in order the baby to be introduced to the society. It was considered then, that when the baby turns its 40 days, it is stronger and healthier to resist to negative energy. Every woman in the party leaves a symbolic amount of money in a white tablecloth, which is usually put over the traditional bread. The money is left in order the baby to buy “deep sleep”. In modern times, people leave banknotes, but it is also required people to leave coins in order to keep the tradition. After that, he traditional round bread (pogacha) is divided into pieces and all the people in the party have their piece. On that day, on the table, there should be more sweet food which means that baby’s future life will be sweet. The father of the baby is free of his obligations on that special day and it is forbidden for him to attend the party. That is why, Le petit Nicolas team will take care of the whole organization for that special occasion.

The baptism is a ritual that is done in every Christian family. The baptism is one of the seven mysteries and nowadays it is ritual and tradition which mothers don’t miss. In section Decorations you can find additional information for the Baptism Sets we offer.

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