When the entertainment business met the industry Le petit Nicolas was created. That is because the brand founders` fundamental professional expertise is in the fields of industry and human resources and production process management. The concept behind Le petit Nicolas which combines a healthy eating place together with an indoor play center and an Early English Learning center is unique and one of a kind in the city of Plovdiv. It also carries the distinctive feature of its founders – their highly developed corporate organizational abilities and discipline. As they say, the Devil is in the detail, in the broadest meaning possible – starting from the subtleties and reaching up to our understanding of what kind of lifestyle and clients we would like to have.

Our mission is to raise awareness about the importance of eating good quality food, to bring to the attention of young parents the great and life-changing benefits of early childhood education in English and social skills as the only safe way to a brighter future not just for their children but for the society as a whole. We believe in having and showing respect not only to ourselves and the others but also towards nature and last but not least to human evolution through clean food and quality education.

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