Our concept embraces modern and holistic approach to not only food, but also education.
The restaurant offers contemporary European cuisine, which reflects the originality of the recipes and vision of our chefs, to serve fresh food, seasoned with passion.
Clean line interior in combination with high quality food and style of service enhances the ambiance of the restaurant, which makes it diverse and suitable for different occasions such as: parties, christenings, business lunches.
The same high-quality food and service is also provided for our external catering services, that deliver food to offices and private events.
A specially designed kids play area adds extra comfort and positive experience of our little visitors and their families and makes it one of the few places in the city that provides such experience.

Le petit Nicolas

quality food and professional catering

Indoor Play

premium location, designer interior and personal care for the children


where children come first

brazzers hd a natale con alberello e panettone porta pure un bel troione.